Winton Light 12000

Winton Light 12000 is derived from exceptional semi-synthetic base stock, top of the line anti-wear additives, TBN boosters, detergents, anti-foam properties, and as well as high temperature oil stabilizers. Specially formulated to protect and prolong engine’s life. The use of high quality additives has made it tremendously easy to dispose of the engine's heat as well as operate in optimal conditions to give the highest performance. 

Metal Can 4 lit


Test Test Method Result
SAE 10W40 10W40
Index ISIRI 195 150
viscosity in 40c ISIRI 340 109
viscosity in 100c ISIRI 340 15.5
Flash point ISIRI 198  230
Pour point ISIRI 201 -30
(mg KOH/(TBN  ISIRI2772 9