Winton Mono Diesel 10000

Winton Mono Diesel 10000 is a high quality oil meeting specifications of API:CD, suitable for heavy duty diesel and supercharged engines. Formulated from high quality mineral base stock and additives that makes an exceptional product that Winton has to offer. Some prominent properties include high resistance to temperature, easy engine start, anti-wear and anti-rust properties that protect crucial engine components, and low volatility and evaporation rate. It is manufactured and supplied in three different grades



test test method result
  SAE 50 50
  Index ISIRI 195 115
 viscosity in 40c ISIRI 340 198
 viscosity in 100c ISIRI 340 20
 Flash point ISIRI 198  244
 Pour point ISIRI 201 -21
 (mg KOH/(TBN  ISIRI2772 9