Also used in manual hydraulic pumps, jacks, and other low-pressure hydraulic systems. HH fluids are able to perform the primary function of a hydraulic fluid, which is to transmit power. They come in different viscosity grade, Hydraulic 22 HH, Hydraulic 32 HH, Hydraulic 46 HH, Hydraulic 68 HH, and lastly Hydraulic 100 HH


VG 46, VG 68, and VG 100 available upon request. *208 L drumps only


These are basic Mineral/Circulation oils, usually without or with little additives. The oils have a relatively short lifetime, so they should be used frequently. They are not oxidation stable and are frequently broken down. They are in accordance with ISO 6743/4. They may be used in air-over-oil hydraulic systems such that is found in equipment at mechanic service centres.