Winton Oil is a leading manufacturer and distributor of oil in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Using up-to-date technology, it is able to produce and market high quality premium lubricating oils, and related services to automotive, industrial, and marine oil customers across the region. The company is headquartered in the capital city of Tehran and operates in Iran. 

Winton Oil offers a variety of lubricants virtually for all domestic, commercial, and industrial applications. With a certificate of international standards of API, SAE, and Islamic Republic of Iran standards (ISIRI), our products include an extensive range of Automotive (including motorcycles 2-stroke engines, car petrol engines, and diesel engines). We also produce products for agricultural machineries, plant, general industry uses. All our products have a global standard and can be used where the product meets the requirements. 

  • Automotive oil: developed for consumers, supplying lubricants, and services to cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, including light and heavy duty consumer trucks, mining, and agriculture vehicles. 
  • Industrial oil: developed for business to business community, supplying solutions to the manufacturing and mining industries (including hydraulics and spindle)

Introduction Winton Oil

At the forefront of our pioneering technology with our R&D centers and advanced laboratories, we develop and test hundreds of new products every year, which gives us an advantage to improve our products according to the consumers needs. We work closely with our end users in order to provide the highest quality, with the most competitive price in the market. 

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